The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Meg Jones

Nominated by Ashley Swander
September 25, 2014
This girl has had one of the hardest lives in America I've ever heard of, from age 6 to age 21. Yet she wants to change the world. From sexual Molestation and rape, abuse from family, and bullying. Abandonment, adoption, assault (information found in her older video.) Yet despite all of these circumstances, she uses her voice and her story to encourage society to keep going instead of giving up. She stands up and tells a heartbreaking story and instead of looking for pity she tells people to get off their ass and change the world. She is starting a #NotAStatistic campaign and she is making this world a better place every day. Everyone needs to see this message, and she needs to see that her words are making a difference.

Here is the link to her video: