The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Oscar Toscano Campos

Nominated by Scheherazade Witt
March 05, 2015
I would like to nominate Oscar Toscano for an awesome award because of his passion to help others to succeed, especially those with disabilities and for those who can not take care of themselves. Even though Mr. Toscano came from a difficult background and has grown up with many disadvanteges, he never allowed his shortcomings to stop him from reaching his goals. Mr. Toscano has proven that with hard work and dedication that any thing is possible and he has tried to instill these qualities with other people whom he has come across to, especially those with disabilities. He also has taken on a second position just to help out a friend that has terminal cancer. He is awesome and deserves this award because He just doesn't say he puts people first, he shows it with his everyday actions. He feels like no one sees the efforts he makes to try to make a difference in this world, but I want him to know that the little he does everyday, every minute and every second makes a difference. So Mr. Toscano, if you ever received this award, I want you to know that I see you and you are AWESOME!!