The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Ra'Shad Solomon

Nominated by Katrina McRae
August 27, 2014
Ra'Shad Solomon is one of the most inspiring people I know. We grew up together and lost contact and when we reconnected, I found out he was out trying to make a difference in the community. His vision was to touch the lives of those who have lost their way because of disabilities, sickness, mental sickness, and even low self-esteem. His heart was set on not just being a model but also a role model, an activist, and humanitarian. What makes him so inspirational? He has Cerebral Palsy and has shown even with CP, nothing was going to stop him from reaching his goals. He is now developing a project called C.W.M which stands for Comfortable With Myself. He is reaching out to all those who are disabled, sick, or just dealing with self confidence issues and helping them see the greater side of them. He wants to encourage them to continue to aim high in reaching their goals. He has taught me and others we shouldn't give up on our dreams because others do. We have to trust in the higher power and walk in victory everyday. He is so determined and he aiming to turn C.W.M into a non-profit organization. He has a FB website for the cause ( and I couldn't be more inspired than I am now. He has overcome so much and he truly deserves to be recognized for all that he is doing, planning to do, and will do. He has touched a lot of people and if that isn't awesome... I don't know what is. What I do know, is he has the right mindset, right heart, and right spirit. I believe wholeheartedly in his efforts, visions, goals, and cause. This is why he is awesome. He is truly "the truth on wheels".