The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Revd. Andrew Moore

Nominated by Mimi Henderson
April 25, 2019
Reverend Andrew is one of the chaplains at the Beatitudes Campus, a senior living facility in Phoenix Arizona where my Father lived. He supported me and my entire family during my Dad's illness and passing, and lead the subsequent memorial services in a beautiful way which allowed us to celebrate his life. When I have mentioned Revd. Andrew to people, a pattern has quickly emerged. Everyone who has met him speaks of him being warm and engaging, welcoming and compassionate.. and generally awesome! His role covers a huge amount of people at different stages of their lives, and the amazing thing is that he knows almost all of their names and greets everyone with a smile. The people who Revd Andrew support are often going through difficult and stressful times, and I know that for me personally and for so many others, his quiet and often unsung care and love have helped me to find peace and direction in my life. Revd. Andrew inspires me to be alive to loving others as he himself demonstrates everyday. I spoke to one of my Dad's friends, who said this; "Chaplain Andrew is the last person who would think of himself as being awesome, and that's why he needs to be told that he is!" Thank you Andrew!!! P.s I can get better pics of him if needed, but I wanted the award to be a surprise!