The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Sally Bradley

Nominated by Olajuwan Smith
January 15, 2018
When you think of Ms. Sally Bradley one of the first words that come to mind is awesome. Ms. Bradley who is the CTAG Linkage Coordinator at Lakeside High School is one of the best. She promotes and dishes out positivity. She's a "cup is half full" kinda person, and I like that! She always looks for (and find) the upside of every down situation. That's a rare quality, but she has it. She also has atrocious amounts of integrity. She always tries to do what's right. Not just because someone might see you either, but because it's the right thing to do. She could never be bribed into doing something or saying something she doesn't believe in. She also genuinely cares about others, has a servant's heart, trustworthy, and makes a difference. Now correct me if i'm wrong, but you been doin' you since you were born, and that's longer than anyone I know. There's no one else quite like you, you are truly unique in your you-ness.I salute you! For doing what nobody else could possibly do. What no one else has the strength to do. And yet you do it everyday, no matter what. You've never took a vacation from being you, never called in sick. You simply do what you have to do, cause it has to be done. So I would just like to say, right here, right now, on behalf of the entire planet - THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!