The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Sandy Giovannetti

Nominated by Helen Buck
September 09, 2014
Sandy is just a wonderful person because she can be. She is always there for her friends, she is supportive and kind. She gave me so many hand me downs for my kids when my husband lost his job I knew I didn't have to worry about that at least. She volunteers in her community helping kids at events learn about and make art, she teaches her kids and others to be creative and to love yourself and others. She gets up early and gives her weekends to help feed families at Ronald McDonald House. She never judges anyone, she is simply graceful and supportive. She always helps others when she can, from holding the door for a stranger to never letting anyone she knows of to go hungry or feel sad and be alone. She is the embodiment of a good citizen and if we were all more like her the world would change for the better. Best of all if she gets this award she will be completely surprised because she is just doing what she can and trying to the right thing. She would never expect recognition for something she would do anyway. I hope she wins because she deserves it more than anyone else I can think of and I know some pretty awesome people.