The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Sarah Gough

Nominated by Katrin Huenemoerder
October 14, 2017
Sarah is the most awesome person I know. She is an incredible friend and mother, compassionate and sincere, hardest-working, creative and motivating. Sarah is leading a non-profit peace organization with programs all over the world. Because of her work and dedication, thousands of young people are inspired and motivated to be a change maker in their communities, and to lead a transformational process towards more tolerance and friendships, something we desperately need in times like this - I guess at all times. I believe she doesn´t even realize how much she means to other people, and I mean that in a human sense, not only as the hard worker she is known for. She manages to make sense of things, and to add purpose to other people´s lives, without even trying hard. Besides making the world a much better place, she is also the mom to a wonderful, fierce, strong, skillful, intelligent and beautiful 10-year old girl, who has the heart and the mind to stand up against all evil in this world. Sarah is awesome, because she is special and unique, an inspiration and a pillar of strength in my life, and deserves the Awesome Award!