The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Sheri Lynne Lintick Nyberg

Nominated by Tom Nevrtal
June 03, 2014
Sheri Lynne is the most warm heart giving person I've ever met. She spent the the better part of her twenties and all of her thirties as a foster mom to children that she raised in her home. when she found out her sister will possibly need a kidney transplant one day, without hesitation she wanted to give her sister her kidney and after all the testing they had to go though just to find out if she was a match, the glorious day came for Sheri Lynne and she was a match. After many years and even more trips out of their home town for medical appointments and numerous doctor appointment at her sisters side and her sister at her side she was able to give her sister her kidney in April of 2013. For the past five years Sheri Lynne has been working at Youth Treatment Services with high risk youth within a home environment as a youth care worker. This is just the tip of her wealth of giving and the people she has touched in her life and looking forward to be standing beside her in the years to come because their will be no end to this as it is not in her because Sheri Lynne is AWESOME.