The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Susan Hamilton

Nominated by Tara Martin
September 13, 2014
This lady is so awesome I was in a domestic violent relationship and with out knowing me before she sat and spoke to me from her hart, she did not tell me what I wanted to here she told me what I needed to here she gave me courage and she saved my life on many levels, she gave me the time of day I needed she understood me and listened to me, my life would have been so different if I had not meet this women I could still be getting beat or worse I could not be here to nominate her, from time to time I have seen Susan and have thanked her for what she has done she is such a caring person it is unreal.time has passed and my life has been on a good road I recently had a bump in my road and Susan was there she messaged me to see if I was ok, I explained to her my worries and once again she gave me sound advice I told her she is an amazing person and she replayed to tell me she isn't she is just her self and that when some needs help she generally just cares, I fell like Susan is my secret guardian angle I fell this way because I have never had a personal connection with this lady before I meet her, she did not know me but she still reached out her hand to help me with out blinking an eye and then once again did the same, she is so humble and believes she dose not need thanks for this I believe she dose I am not the only person Susan has help for no justification for her self,she is clearly an amazing women she is a fantastic mam and her children will agree 100% , Susan is simply an amazing caring person and I fell she should be recognised for this, my life is better just for meeting her and I don't know how else to show my appreciation but I do know she deserves an award for the fact that she just keeps on giving with out ever wanting any thing for her self Susan Hamilton is awesome fact xxx