The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Teresa Bruce

Nominated by Elissa Novak
November 22, 2018
I would like to nominate my Mum. Despite her cancer returning this year she has gone above and beyond to protect and care for my Grandma who is terminally ill. We all know the care situation in this country is not good and she has fought constantly to make sure my Grandma could access the things she needs to. Practically training herself as a social worker and lawyer in between! When my Grandma was still at home my Mum would be there breakfast, lunch and dinner, doing all of her personal care, getting her to exercise and get out and experience the world. Unfortunately as her health deteriated she needed to go into a home and the place she was put was not a good home and she suffered some severe neglect (losing 3kg, getting very dehydrated and being injured when force was used to stop her trying to get to my Mum one night). My Mum was receiving radiotherapy at this point but always made sure my Grandma was as ok as she could be and never stopped fighting the powers that be to get her out and safe. The result of this was my Grandma being moved into a good home and my Mum is now helping her to rehabilitate from the trauma and to regain the strength she lost. My Mum has now had her surgery moved to December meaning this will be the first Christmas my Mum and Grandma have spent apart so I really wanted to nominate her to recognise how awesome she is (even if life keeps being a bit less than awesome to her!)