The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Tiffany Lynn Salas

Nominated by Raymond D Salas
October 01, 2018
I am nominating my Sister Tiffany for a few reasons, but there are many other reasons she has earned a special place in my heart. Tiffany is the middle sibling, and that in itself deserves recognition. While I was away for most of her adult life due to my military obligations in Germany, she found her way to come visit me overseas, before she started raising her family. I finally got orders to serve stateside where I was able to spend more time with family. I observed Tiffany working relentlessly time and time again at places like Dollar Tree, K-Mart and Taco Bell, while she was raising not only her two beautiful children she brought in this world, but also two additional children that lost their mother in a tragic event. She was also going through domestic abuse with her first child’s father. She carried on. She’s now getting married in the upcoming week after being in a relationship for over 9 years. She’s had to put her wedding day off further and further due to life and all it’s difficult challenges and still she carried on. I once went to her work where I saw my sister in action and I thought wow, this is a different person. I can compare my 19 years experience in the military as a seasoned Sergeant, giving orders, assessing problems, and executing decisions. And she still carried on. Her restless efforts always put work or her family first, with barely any time for herself. She may find a day or two to escape to the beach with her fiance, then back to the grind when she gets back. I am truly blessed to have her as my sister. I am truly amazed at how she has carried on.