The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Wendy Martin

Nominated by Gemma
October 03, 2019
My mum is so amazing not only because she’s my mum because of the person she is I’ve never met or heard of anyone to be so selfless and understanding of everyone in their own individual and personal needs From being a young adult in her late teens finding out that her dad had Parkinson’s disease who lived on for 40 years with my mum becoming a carer for her dad and a support system for her mum and the rest of the family while caring for her own children and husband She then works constantly to provide And support Also now doing a caring job for The elderly and those that need carers In her crazy busy world she still find the time to be there for those who are depressed anxious and in need of a good friend and that is definitely my mum She gives up her own time for others and just is absolutely amazing what I would do to to be like my mum one day I wouldn’t need anything else