The Awesome Awards - Nominations

anneka mansell

Nominated by andrew mansell
October 19, 2016
when I 1st met my wife back in 2012 she was commuting back and forth from Birmingham to Lincoln every weekend to help look after her step brother who was hit by a car and needed all the extra help possible.she help organise all his help and then became his case manager.anneka then relocated to Lincoln permanently leaving then her husband who refused to like the idea of her helping her family,when I met her in Lincoln she explained the situation to me about Mathew and all her time will be looking after him as he had a brain injusry and was bound to a wheel chair. I then quit my job to become a joint carer for Mathew with anneka, anneka quicky realised Mathew wasn't getting as much help as needed by the authorities and with her being very caring and helpful towards everyone she wanted to investigate this further and find out why. with no hesitation she wanted to help others like Mathew so with a lot of hard work and dedication she formed the company annicare to recruit nurses,care workers and support workers to help people with brain injuries and expanding to care homes, hospitals and supported living. in her 1st year she turned over £1.7million and this year is expected to be 2.4million. this is incredible work for am 18month old company but more importantly more people like Mathew,including elderly,people with learning difficulties, and brain injuries are getting the full care that they need..annicare now have clients across Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire including notts county council and Lincoln council which they audit us to make sure we are keeping up with our excellent repatation. during the last 4month anneka has now won the nhs framework to supply all hospitals nationwide with carers and support workers,this took her months and months of hard work,sleepless nights and dedication to which she beat off 100s of other companies,we are growing from strength to strength and gaining new clients on a weekly basis. I want anneka to have the recognition she deserves because from looking after her brother to becoming owner of a 2million pound turnover company and helping 1000s of people to receive the care they deserve is an outstanding achievement, I'm really proud of her and her dedication to help other in need, she deserves some sort of award and I will fight tooth and nail to get her one. thank you so much for your time and I hope all I have writted makes sence.i now work for annicare as the director of recruitment. regards Andrew mansell