The Awesome Awards - Nominations

anton gjerkaj

Nominated by paulina gjerkaj
November 17, 2018
I am nominating, my brother, Anton Gjerkaj for his handwork, dedication, and great spirits. Anton is involved in Forensics Club, Theatre Club, French Club, Interact Club, Key Club, International Thespian Club, Freshmen Mentor Club, Future Educator Club, Sustainability Club, and National Honor Society Club. Anton is a Junior at Henry Ford 2 High School. He is on his 4th year of perfect attendance. My brother has lifted up sprits of his peers, family, and friends. He just finished student directing the High School Fall Production of “ Clue", he is currently working on directing another production called “The Bully Plays”, in which him and his peers will take to the Bemis Junior High School and perform to teach the students the importance of bully awareness and prevention. The responsibility of student directing is very vital to the success of the show. He was responsible for the coming together of the production and making sure every student involved was on the right track. Anton has been in 11 show productions and is very passionate about the theatre artisan is very active in the department. He has created a way to bring all of the students in the theatre department together regardless in difference of grade by creating something called, “Big Brothers/ Big Sisters” in which the upperclassmen serve as guidance for underclassmen. He has been on the honor roll the entirety of his high school career and has a 3.82 GPA. Anton has been accepted into the National Honors Society this year. My brother continues to amazing me everyday, he has led his classmates with integrity and grace. Anton has worked so hard and diligently throughout the years. He volunteers his time to helping other students and has been also helping the elementary school with Chess Club. He has been recognized as, “Student of the Month”, in his high school career 3 times. He was nominated by his teachers for being, responsible, being a leader, having accomplishments in the theatre department and cheering up the individuals around him. Anton is not only a kind spirit but his spirit is contagious. He gives his entire heart to others in order to lift them up so they can be the best version of themselves. The drive Anton carries with himself, not only at home, but at school is incredible. He is responsible and trustworthy. He has worked tirelessly for his accomplishments and has remained to hold a humble spirit. My brother is very selfless and generous. Last year for his school talent show he taught himself how to sign language a song and performed it for his peers and their families. He competes in forensics competitions where he competes with other students across the state of Michigan and this is his 3rd year doing so. He was inducted into French Honors society his freshman year of high school and now is in his 5th year of French. He is on the French Club Board. He is well known by the teachers and students in his school, he’s social and loves interacting with others. Anton holds many values of character but believes in holding ethics in his heart. He believes to hold character means to hold the desire to do right by everyone and to hold the best interest of everyone in his heart, to have the strong traits of character shows how you behave around those who may not hold your best interest. To be the bigger person in challenging situations may not always be the easiest road but it is the true definition of solid and stable character. Anton holds the tenacity of hard work and dedication and that is what drives his academics to where they are now. He enjoys being a role model and given the opportunity to show his leadership skills is something he is always ready to do. Anton believes in helping others in any way he can. Anton believes that being able to offer some service to someone who is unable to reach on their own is very important. Often people fail to realize that having the ability to do something as “simple” as read and write is something many struggle with. To be able to provide service, or help, is something that means the world to him. To be able to give back and give at least a portion of his heart and mind to someone is what he believes we are here for. Anton has proven the being goal driven and academically driven can help break boundaries and provide growth one day a time. Lastly, I am nominating Anton for his involvement in other peoples lives, Anton continues to promotes other peoples growth and I know people are very thankful for his personality and kindness.