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Awesome Award for Heidi Hartman

Posted November 22, 2013 by Toby Barazzuol

Recently at the Social Ventures Institute I had the chance to participate in the Marketplace of Ideas. This is a high energy event in which people get 120 seconds to pitch an idea or passion project. It's fast-paced, diverse, and one of the highlights of SVI.


As my turn approached, I held the Awesome Award named "Olatunji" closely to my chest and prepared to take the stage (Olatunji is the name of the building we were in as this award was created for this moment). As I stepped in front of the 150 people there, time seemed to shift as I shared the story of the Awesome Awards and how they were created to cultivate happiness and celebrate awesome people. As my two minutes came to a close, I turned to the side and revealed that this award was actually going to recognize someone right then, and that person was in the room....Heidi Hartman!


Now if you meet Heidi, you know instantly that she is an awesome person! Not only is she super smart and funny, she has a heart as big as you'll ever find. Heidi is a friendly and joyous spirit, generous with her time, positive, compassionate and endlessly energizing - all things that make her an amazing community builder and friend to those lucky enough to know her. She puts her heart into everything she does, and it really shows!


Heidi was pretty surprised to receive the Awesome Award that day and I think we were both overwhelmed by the amazing response from the crowd as she accepted the award. To be able to recognize Heidi for her amazing qualities in front of her peers at an event she helped organize for years, was a moment that I think we will all cherish for a long time. I also hope that the people watching were inspired by Heidi's character and that they started thinking about people they would like to recognize in other communities they are part of.


I have no doubts that Heidi will continue to inspire and support and bring joy to the people around her, and if she ever needs a boost of inspiration she can think back and be reminded of how awesome she already is. Heidi, thank you for making the world a better place for all of us, you're truly awesome!



Photos by Sarah Dent,